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Frankly? He didn't.

The attacks came so furiously that Salvatore couldn't keep up. He wheeled backwards wildly, attempting to put distance between the spinning blades and his face, but he fell behind quickly. When that happened, his feet weren't nimble enough to get him out of the way. His right foot didn't move out of the path of his left foot fast enough, and the laces of his uniform boots caught on each other. The next attack was parried, but just barely - and even then, it had enough force behind it to throw him off balance. He fell backwards on the mat with an 'oomff!'. His vibroblade went spinning out of reach, and he used his newly freed hand to rub at the back of his head.

"Ow." He grumbled. There would be a bump there tomorrow morning...

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

Dominic was very close to betraying himself, he realized - not by word or purpose...but simply by the reactions of his face. The surprised look, which wouldn't have been out of character given the meeting she had just announced, slipped into a pale grey look that was. The expression matched how he felt: like a pound of jagged lead had just settled somewhere in the lower half of his intestine. His right hand, resting on his lap and thus hidden by the table, curled into a tight fist against the tattoo.

What had given him up? He replayed the conversation they had had when they met up on Coruscant, and nothing in particular came to mind. Yet there had to be something he had done to spark her suspicion - one doesn't just make accusations like that for no reason!

But that speculation would have to wait. The expression had only been on his face a moment, but he had been staring right at her. A moment was one moment too long.

The Pilgrim averted his eyes to the Holonet feed again, drumming the fingers of his left hand on the table top. He didn't want to address the second part of her statement, because that would require him to lie. He needed to find something to distract her...

A thought struck him. She was looking for a member of the Found to talk to...and he was looking for a member of the Found. In fact, he knew where this Found was, and he had been on his way to speak with him when he came here to Manaan. He had no way of guaranteeing that the man would cooperate, and in fact, he probably wouldn't. But Arai was very good at dealing with those sorts of people...

This was working out far too well.

He sat bolt upright as if the idea had only just hit him, and he looked at her. "Wait..." he said slowly, wide-eyed. "You want to know more about ostanovium, right? I think I know someone who can help you."

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