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Originally Posted by bgbennyboy View Post
Zip it up and in advanced view go to 'manage attachments' or failing that send it me.

What methodology did you use to match them up? I had just assumed that the cue names from the soundbank would match those in the wavebank, like in MusicNew.
In the soundbank file there are 128 bytes for storing the name of the soundbank and wavebank. Directly following that are indexes of the the cues in the soundbank. The order of indexes, starting at 0, is the same for the order of cues at the end of the file. At the end of each index the last 3 bytes indicate the position in the wavebank where that cue resides. In the speech soundbank all of the indexes are 19 bytes long except for the 0th, 6514th, and 6515th. Those 3 are 12 bytes long.

So, for instance the first (0) index ends in 42 02 00. The first (0) name in the cue list is ZUL_55_entryway_69_2. So the position of of that cue in the wavebank is 578. Again counting from zero. And so on and so forth through all 7157 cues.

It works the same for the commentary sound file except all the indexes in that file are all 12 bytes long. The music files seem to have multiples cues for the same sound, so those are giving me a little bit of trouble.

And I don't see a manage attachments option, maybe I don't have those privileges yet? Anyway I'll send you directly the spreadsheet.

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