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She had to wonder what the hell had happened to him since he left the Jedi Order. Once upon a time, he would have told her anything that was going on in his life. Now, she couldn't even get him to admit that he was one of the Found. She was sure of his involvement in the group now, and the mention of someone he knew solidified her certainty. She broke into a wide grin.

"Oh, Dom," she said. "That would be beyond fantastic."

Then without warning, a hairy, grungy, drunk man bumped into their table. Distracted, Arai looked up and immediately wrinkled up her nose.

"Oh, look," she murmured to Dom. "The talent's here."

"Heeeeyyy," he slurred, dropping a heavy hand on Arai's shoulder. "You'sssoooo pritty, yeah."

She waved a hand in his face. "No, not so pretty after all."

He squinted at her. "Nooooo. I ain't that durnked, misssssieeeee. You's a sight for... my eeeeeyyyyyeeesssssss! Yessssss!"

With a glare, she tried again and laughing, he mimicked her gesture. Frowning, Arai glanced at Dom and murmured, "This is new. So drunk as to be impossible to manipulate?" Turning back to the Drunk, she said, "Go away."

He crossed his arms over his chest and grinned in that stupid way only someone who's had almost more alcohol than is healthy for them can. "Nope."

She stared at him intently for a moment and then cringed. "Force, Dom," she whispered, "he's so drunk he doesn't have shatterpoints. It's just this sort of... mess of..." She shuddered. "I can hardly think, looking into him like this..."

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