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Targhee Ghut, startled out of his suicidal plans to choke himself due to Garren's sudden shout, scrambled to his feet, ran to his desk, and took a ring of well-worn keys out of the middle drawer. Surrendering, he handed the key ring to Garren. He was horrified by the holonews report--and by the spy...

"Here, here. Take keys. Use keys and open every drawer in file cabinet over there on wall." He pointed frantically, jabbing his index finger at the rusty metal monolith of which he spoke. "In top drawer, look for big file SKELCH. In middle drawer, look for file BAD METAL. In the very bottom, bottom drawer, look for THRESHOLD. Me not know what that file says, but it give me shivers."

Targhee stared at Garren. "Gotta go," he said, and then fled from his office.


"Sal!" Perdante deactivated her lightsabers immediately and rushed to help him. "Are you all right?" She seriously wondered what had happened. Were her Juyo moves so intense that she had literally knocked him to the ground? In that case, she was worried about what would happen during an actual battle. What would her opponent do if THAT happened? For now, she settled for helping Salvatore to his feet...and yielding to his arms--!

Before her conscious mind knew what it was doing, Perdante had Salvatore caught in a full-fledged and fully un-Jedi-like liplock. Heat flooded her face...

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