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It works on xbox 360 for me you can see all the games that work here you have to download this$ you save and copy the files to a disk and put it in your xbox 360 and open the disk. It will do a update and your done there you go !

To install the update from a CD or DVD
You can update your console software by downloading the software to your computer from, burning the software to a CD or DVD, and then installing the software on your Xbox 360 console. Here's how:

1. On your computer, click the following link: Download console update ($ .
2. Click Save to save the console update .zip file on your computer.
3. Unzip the file.
* If you are using Microsoft Windows XP, Windows Vista, or Windows 7, you can just double-click the .zip file to unzip it.
* If you are using an earlier version of Microsoft Windows, you will need a separate utility to unzip the file (for example, WinZip).
4. Insert a blank, writeable CD or DVD into your computer.
5. Copy the contents of the .zip file to the root directory on your CD or DVD, and choose to write (burn) the files to the disc.
6. Once the files have been burned to disc, remove that disc from your computer and insert it into the disc drive on your Xbox 360 console.
7. Restart your console.
8. When your console restarts, the installation program for the console update will start automatically. When you are prompted to install the new console software, select Yes, update now.

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