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"However, when I tried to help him up, I just...lost my head, Juhani! I swear by the Force itself!"

Juhani turned her gaze from Salvatore to her apprentice and shook her head. "That is an excuse apprentice. I don't like excuses." She was visbly struggling to keep her notorious cathar temper under check.

She grabbed her apprentice by the scruff of her robes and began dragging her out of the training room. "You will remain in your quarters until I come to have a talk with you."

She slowly turned her head to look at Salvatore. "And you. You will stay away from my apprentice. I was trying to stay away from your captain for now but now I feel I have no choice. I will be speaking to her shortly."

Juhani continued on her way out the door all while dragging her apprentice behind her.
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