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But the drunk wouldn't take the hint. He pushed awkwardly at Dominic's shoulder and slurred, "I ain't talkin' to you." Then he turned back to Arai and with a plastered-on grin, he said, "I's got a niiiice place sssshweetie. I take you there."

And with that, everything became painfully simple. Arai wasn't sure if it was because she'd stared at him too long or if she'd just lost what little patience she had left. Either way, the answer to this pesky drunk was nothing more strenuous than a nightmare. Her stare turned into a full-on glare and she embraced the Dark Side. The drunk stared back, suddenly quiet, eyes wide in growing terror.

Then, Arai spoke softly. "This is the path you entrust yourself to. Endless drunken nights, all strung together, nowhere to go but the dumpster behind a house that is no longer yours. Your friends will leave you, you will have no hope for redemption. In time, even your next drink will fail to come, and then what will you be?"

He took a step back and Arai rose, almost snarling as she clamped a hand on his shirt collar and threw him to the ground. "Less than the scum you are now. Is that the life you want? Or should I end your misery here and now?"

As she finished, tiny arcs of lightning played across the fingertips of her right hand...

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