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Originally Posted by logan23 View Post
Here are some quick early re-skin samples. Not all the skins have been altered at this moment but i thought it would be great to show you guys where the team is going with them.

Show spoiler

I still have the floor and other areas to tweak before this is done.

Please give any feedback,


Perhaps the trees closest to the Enclave should be stumps or charred from the attack on the building.

As for the Korriban characters: that's true. I will pass this along to the scripters...have them appear only if Korriban is finished. Although you could always go to Dantooine after all the Star Maps, and then move to the Star Forge? that's a good work around in terms of that, have it open up after all the Star Maps as an "Unfinished business" type thing.
Always figured that was more or less your original return to Dantooine before going to the SF system. As it is, you have to hit Korriban as the first or second map anyway for either Yuthura or Kel to appear on Dantooine. I think that as long as you can remove the conditional (is it hardwired into the game?) that prevents your return to Dantooine post-Leviathan, then it shouldn't matter whether you go there before or after the last map. If you wish to make it "unfinished business", you could no doubt write up a script that makes it necessary to return to Dantooine AFTER the 4th map, even if you've visited it again right after the Leviathan (or any time before acquiring the 4th map).

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