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"Thank you for informing me Zen. I appreciate it. I think that as soon as I have a free moment I'll go and speak with Visas. There is something that I wish to discuss with her. Something concerning the exile."

Zen did not know much of this exile. He had heard she was a very great warrior but other then that he knew nothing.

"You are welcome Grand Master," he said using the other title she had.

In his culture name was one of the most important things to a Sangheili, and with name often came title. As a veteran he had earned many titles over the years and done so with great valor. So when he addressed his comrades on the ship he would often state their title first and then the name.

Zen watched as Juhani got up to leave before he could ask her a question he had in the back of his mind. Seeing that she had not seen her comrade Visas in a while he decided to wait for a better moment to bring it up again. He helped put anything back that he thought looked out of place and left the room in a few minutes.

Not a few seconds later did he run into Juhani who was literally dragging Perdante by her robes. He couldn't help but chuckle at the sight of this. It very much reminded him of what his mother would do when he had misbehaved. He began to follow the two and flashed Perdante a smile.

"Former Sith Perdante, you never cease to amuse me," he said to her before looking over at Juhani. " Grand Master Juhani, what has she done that causes you such anger? I can watch over this "child" for you if you still have not gotten the chance to speak with your comrade," he added in trying to be helpful.
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