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Originally Posted by Vandros Artenon View Post
Because Rahm Kota felt him become one with the force?

Bah; ultimately, it doesn't matter anyway. He "lives" because Lucas Arts was lazy and felt more like making a game with shiny graphics and implausibly large super rancor monsters that'd draw in cheap money than put in effort and make a game with a logical plot.
Maybe not. Vader was the first one to get to his body, and hes far more powerful then Kota. What if Vader felt a spark of life in him and repressed it? Kota would have felt him disapear in the force and Palpatine might not have noticed it because honestly how much power would Vader have had to use to repress his spark? Not much after that explosion. Vader could have said he was dead to force the emperor not to brouch the subject. Also Palpatine lefty the body with Vader, he could have taken it and brought him to Kamino. Finally implausibly large Super Rancors?? Dude NJO had a ****ing living Planet! How is it not possible that the empire didnt create the damn thing???
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