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I've released version 0.4 of Monkey Island Explorer.

This version includes two big features - audio playback/dumping and annotation support.

Audio dumping works for every audio file in both games. It plays back the ms-adpcm audio, the pcm audio and (if xWMAencode.exe is in the same folder) the xWMA audio. Because of this I've removed the link to my old MI Music Dumper - Monkey Island Explorer now does the job better.

Annotation support is the other handy feature. Annotations contain alternative filenames for audio that are more descriptive than those present in the original audio files. Eg the MI2 speech annotation file means that instead of a filename of “5840″ you instead see “Stan’s Kozy Krypts– A Place to Spend Eternity, Not a Fortune.”

I've used SKA-T's mappings to make annotation files for the MI2 speech and MI2 commentary, these are included with the program. Of course, I'd also like people to make annotations for the other files and to share them so that I can include them with the next release of the program.

Get it here.

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