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Torv's battle suit slammed directly into Katsu's, driving him backward into a rockface. Torv's battle suit began to punch him repeatedly as Torv himself continued laughing hysterically.

"They offered me a challenge Katsu!" Torv laughed. "They heard of my skills and got me to join up! Got a new battle suit and everything."

I don't think he knows what happened. And I'm starting to think that he's insane. Katsu thought as he tried to fight back against the larger battle suit.

"If you joined the enemy then you must know of the alliance." Katsu said quietly as he managed to duck under one of the punches and slash it across the chest with his energy sword.

"Of course I know! It was the first thing they told me about!" Torv said still laughing.

Katsu ducked under one of the fists and punched the other mobile suit across the face, sending it backwards. "Enough of this! Why did you kill the squad?"

Torv suddenly stopped laughing as he thought for a moment. "Because they were holding me back Katsu. Because I should have been squad commander but I wasn't. Look at me now!" He began laughing again. "I have my own squad to command!"

Torv's battle suit turned around and motioned for the other battle suits to him. They quickly surrounded Katsu and raised their weapons even as Torv raised his rifle and pointed it at the head of katsu's battle suit.

"You always were second to me Katsu. Time for you to die."

Katsu quickly began sending out a distress call, knowing that this was a battle that he couldn't possibly win alone.

"This is Vega. I...require assistance." He transmitted the message to the others even as he brought up one of his arms and knocked the rifle out of Torv's hands and then slammed his fist into the head of Torv's battle suit.
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