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Xavier watched as Katsu moved on and shook his head. He didn't know what he was trying to prove out there, but he didn't want to interfere. He continued cutting down any enemy battle suit that got near him as he continued advancing towards Haruka and Roman. He watched as she took down more opponents in the air and smirked. This mission was much easier then he thought it was going to be. He didn't mind these kinds of missions but he was expecting more of a challenge.

"This is Vega. I...require assistance."

He turned Nova around and headed for where he had last saw Katsu run off to. Luckily Katsu wasn't too far ahead of him and he watched as he punched a very menacing looking battle suit right in the head. He activated his boosters and leaped into the air only to bring his swords down on one of the other battle suits.

"So you're the scumbags messing with my teammate. Well in that case let me show you what happens when you think you can get away with that."

He charged at the remaining battle suit forcing them to focus on him and allow Katsu to finish fighting the guy he was fighting.
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