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Last Crusade 256-VGA 486 Patch from the lucasarts site seems to be incorrect

Hi, as with all my other lucasarts games i've got them playing on a Real DOS PC with a 600mhz pentium 3, (so i can also play some later DOS games too), MI1 and MI2 have had a problem of giving me the "integer divide by zero" error whenever I chose adlib sound (which works fine on my pc), so i downloaded the 486 patch (which comes as an installer) for both, to fix this, which they did, played with adlib sound fine. Now i have the same problem (i THINK) with the 256 colour version of Indiana Jones and the last crusade, although the only error text i get is just "divide error", so I downloaded the 486 patch for that game off of the lucasarts support site, and its just the game exe, despite lucasarts giving instructions on how to install the patch (same as with MI1 and MI2), however as this is an actual game exe, those instructions dont work, Anyway i overwrit the original and it still gave me the error, sooo, am I right in thinking lucasarts have just posted the unpatched exe as a download, rather than a patched installer program, like their description suggests?

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