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My fist attempt with the TSL patcher did not go so well. I followed the instrux, at least I thought I did, as well as stoffe's step-by-step instrux in this thread. Her step by step instrux helped me with heads.2da's. I was able to get the correct tokens into the appearance.2da for the correct npcs.

My problem is with appearance.2da and placeables.2da. The appearances are off, characters on referring to the wrong appearance line. My custom placeables do not show up at all - I do have the mdls and mdx and woks in override as well as utp's.

What I did for each is created a specific 2damemory token and assign it to the RowIndex for each per insturx. It was my understanding that is all I needed to do. Is there more? Do I need to include the RowLabel from my own 2da's as well?

Any help or clarification would be much appreciated. I'm going to start over from scratch and redo my changeedit.


OK, I think I figured out what I need to do. I need to edit the each individual gff file appearance 'tokens' for the utc's and utp's in order to get them to show right. My question, can the destination for the gff editor using the tslpatcher be the new .mod folder or should I put them to override. What is the order in which they are installed? Does the gff editor do the changes before the mod files are installed thereby being useless or after the files are installed to the respective folders?

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