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Another of Carla's lines is missing: "OK, you win."
In the SE, she says "I give up, you win!" instead.
I suspect a similar issue. This one is also recorded with random pirates, eventhough they never say this.
The script looks like this:
[0168] (46)   Var[282]++;
[016B] (9A)   Var[283] = Var[269];
[0170] (38)   if (Var[282] >= 3) {
[0177] (48)     if (Var[270] == 5) {
[017E] (94)       print(Var[270],[Text("OK, you win.")]);
[018F] (18)     } else {
[0192] (94)       print(Var[270],[Text("Wow!  You're good enough to fight the Sword Master.")]);
[01CA] (**)     }
[01CA] (18)   } else {
[01CD] (94)     print(Var[270],[Text("I give up!  You win!")]);
[01E6] (**)   }
Apparently, in Var[282], the script counts how many times you've won. If less than 3, the line "I give up! You win!" is used, but since Carla doesn't let you fight at all in this case, she won't ever say this.
Var[270] contains the actor Guybrush fights agains. This is 8 for random pirates and 5 for Carla. Thus she is the only one who ever says "OK, you win.". The available recordings are therefor never used.
At least, that's what the original game does. Obviously, the SE somehow messes with this script.
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