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"Oro, Malestat!"

Jenna Talravin had been wandering the outskirts of the reaching mountains training her magickal arts. She was trying to build up her ability to stand against Faren Mageslayer. He hated her and she abhorred his narrowmindedness. With the old king dying, there was a question of who had the claim to the throne with no heir. Martial right dictated that the second in command had the right to succeed the king but the old king and his lieutenants were driven by force and not reason. For that, Jenna was determined to challenge him as was by law of the land. If she won, she would be the legal heir to the throne.

Not something I truly want. Jenna would mutter to herself as she practiced with the elements while walking. Yet she had enough pride to take up a job no matter how difficult or how unorthodox. All except one.

That sent her to remembering a time long ago. If I had been as strong with those principles as I am with others... It was a thought best left uncompleted for throughout the course of her musings, her Elemental magick became more accentuated and forceful. It reminded Jenna that magick indeed was bound to teh emotions of the wielder. So she continued through the outskirts of the mountains.

She was walking through the forest when she heard a noise. She stepped quickly and came upon a clearing. There she saw that a great bear, the largest of his kind, was after a warrior. The warrior was good from Jenna's standpoint but the bear was more determined for a meal. Still Jenna had to give credit to the woman who was determined to live and was content at watching the spectacle. When the great bear knocked the warrior down and was prepared to swipe its deadly claws, Jenna raised her staff and shouted, "Oro Malastat!"

The bear immediately backed off and ran away. Jenna sighed slightly. What a way to ruin the day. Jenna never liked using Inception unless she had to. In this case she did since great bears, once they were on top of you, were hard to get off even if you managed to kill it. Jenna walked over to the warrior and looked down at her. "Most would thing twice before going after a great bear Warrior. Those that do are usually foolish."

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