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Perdante gazed up at the figure--tall, Elven, and female--who had saved her life. Stars were still spinning around the crown of her head, or at least they would have been if they could be seen with the naked eye! "Mayhap so," she rasped, "but I was actually searching for more peaceful prey. There are deer that come to the stream nearby at sunset, and I was hoping to hunt one down. However, sod it! That bear had the same idea, before it spotted something even more delicious." Ruefully, she hoisted herself to her feet. "Thank ye for coming to my rescue," the former Paragon said, breathing hard, "but by what magick did you drive it off? I have not met many of your kind during my...travels," she said after a pause.

Suddenly, she came to realize that she had not yet introduced herself. "Ah! Pardon me a thousand times for not giving you a proper greeting. I'm a hunter and gatherer in these parts, entirely new to the Veiled Forest, but an old hand in battle."
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