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Alaire had been making her way through the forest. She had for some reason found a companion in the shape of a small wolf. She had tried to get rid of her but for some reason the female wolf would continue to follow her. At times where the burden of the souls came too heavy, she would slip between her arms to provide the comfort and wipe the tears away. And so she had accepted her presence and without realizing it, she began to welcome it.

She came to a halt over a clearing where she watched a young huntress being overwhelmed by a bear but a female elven mage helped the young woman to escape the bear's grasp. She watched from afar as they introduced each other, but the mage had introduced herself correctly. The other, the huntress failed to introduce herself and even neglected to say her name. This was something she could not hold back from and before she knew it, she was speaking.

"You failed to introduce yourself twice, huntress. It is customary to give the name before the profession. As an example, not that you would care anyway, my name is Alaire Stechtain, I am a warrior, renegade reaver, but don't let that spook you, I have given up that lifestyle. The burden of the souls gets too heavy to carry for some. But if you're in need of a mercenary or just a helping hand, I am available for a price", Alaire said as she sat down on a large boulder with the small wolf at her feet.

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