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"Larissa?" Perdante smiled down at the wolf. "Hello", she said to the wild animal, who was glaring at the Elven mage with clear mistrust. At the greeting, the wolf turned her head, but the warrior did not know how to read the look in her eyes. "I'm happy to meet you, too. I've never seen anyone with a companion wolf."

She looked at Alaire again, and then the mage. "Would you like to return with me to my camp? I have some salted rabbit jerky and a few nuts and berries left." Her stomach growled audibly. "Sod it! I'm so hungry I could eat the bark off of one of these trees! I don't know how I got myself lost in this forest anyway. One moment, I thought I was on a well-worn trail to the base of the Reaching Mountains, and then..." She trailed off. "I've been trying to survive for a week."
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