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(@JM12: That's Kyng, not King)

City of Stormrise, Kyng's Court
Ser Jaymes Caran had enough of Faren Mageslayer. First he is named Lieutenant to the Kyng, Second in Command, and then, conveniently enough, the Kyng is taken ill, without much hope of recovery. Too many coincidences. Jaymes thought.

"I'm sorry, Faren, but I cannot in good conscience support you. You are the Kyng's lieutenant, but you are also a zealot and a brute. It takes more than that to lead Nirriven." He told the Dwarf.

"Such dissent amongst the Kyng's highest ranking officers is unheard of!" One Laird, Bariness Edanna Shran of Seaguard, shouted. "But not without good reason. Ser Jaymes speaks the truth. Nirriven under the rule of Faran Mageslayer is an unsettling though." Eagan Ivar, the Ard of Thunderkeep, pointed out.

The Veiled Forest
As Alaire and Perdante sat down to eat the hares, a Wood Troll watched them, blending in perfectly with the rest of the forest. As it prepared to strike, it was pierced in the skull by an Amber arrow.

As it dropped to the ground dead, Athra stepped out of the shadows. "You need to be more careful in this part of the forest. Even the trees might try to make you their next meal." She explained, before seeing the elf with them. "Mother?"

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