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Unfortunately for Ser Jaymes Caran and the Lorrds who supported him, far more of the nobles who were gathered in the Kyng's Court were on Faren Mageslayer's side. For one thing, Faren's martial strength was unparalleled among Nirriven's warriors. Not even Ser Jaymes could match his bestial rage in the heat of battle! Secondly, there were many mages in Nirriven, especially Elementalists and Inceptors, who were using their gifts and talents for evil purposes. They had "gone rogue", or so the saying went, and Faren swore that each one would be brought to justice. He had heard dozens of tales of Elementalists who froze and burned their rival mages to death, or turned them into stone. Worse, he had heard even more tales of Inceptors, whether Human or Elven, who had deceived and enslaved innocent people by controlling the faculties of their minds. Faren bought the loyalty of his supporters not with coin, but with firm promises of retribution and security for the realm of Nirriven, which was far more valuable. Faren scowled at Ser Jaymes.

"A zealot and a brute, am I?" he sneered. "I would have liked to see you enter the Duel of the Fates yourself, but you were too much of a coward! I was almost defeated by a woman, and yet in the end, my strength utterly conquered her! Kyng Varhad's throne is mine by martial right, and nothing else. You had your chance to challenge me in battle, good Ser Jaymes, but you refused it. I cannot fathom why! Nevertheless, that chance is lost to you forever, for that was the only Duel of the Fates over which our good Kyng will ever preside. Varhad admires my martial prowess, and that is why he made me his Lieutenant. I won the Duel, and you? You have no right to withdraw your support from me! Such a thing is absolutely unheard of, as has been said.

"Secondly, who else is better equipped to apprehend all of these filthy rogue mages? Not you and your shiftless soldiers, my friend. You tolerate magick, which is an abomination against our Creator if it is not of the Healing kind! I suspect you'd grant these so-called 'Elementalists' and 'Inceptors' a full pardon if you were in my place! Their crimes would go unpunished, and the nether-worldly wails of their victims would go unheard. Why do you side with them? The reason that I am a zealot is that non-Healing magicks are wicked, and as you have seen, these mages are using their 'art' for even more wicked ends! I will not have it. You'd ignore the suffering of our people, and I won't!"

The nobles surrounding Faren, who vastly outnumbered the nobles surrounding Ser Jaymes, shouted and applauded their champion. The others wilted silently.

"As the Lieutenant of our stalwart Varhad," the Mageslayer announced, "I hereby banish you from this Court of the Kyng for all eternity, upon pain of death! Do you wish to say anything else before your sentence is carried out?"
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