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Originally Posted by V. Melkalis View Post
I don't think it will ever happen. It's too much of an obscure game to generate enough hype adn even as a game, it wasn't that much good to begin with. Besides it would have strong competition from games like Call of Juarez and the Red Dead series.

Instead I recommend you to play Smokin' Guns. It isn't graphically strong, but it's really fun and entertaining to play, and it even has some in-game graphic filters that make it look cartoony, a bit like Outlaws did.

Ya but look at other games like Mafia. It didnt have the best graphics and isnt that known but it was a decent game and it has a really nice sequal coming out. I think its possible. Just Call of Juarez blew my mind with its graphics and I didnt think it could be beat but then they came out with Bound in blood with what I think has better graphics then some games like GTA 4 which I believe came out around the same time. Video Games will always advance and Red Dead Redemption cant stay on top forever I Believe It can be beat. And with all the latest western games being released I think that It can creat alot of hype especially if there was a first. I think that they could make something really good out of it if they wanted to. And since the original is so hard to find they could make it a bonus and include it with the seconed. And I think that a same cartoony less seriouse kind of game is needed. And for the time it was a great advance in First Person Shooters. The graphics are far better than quakes which I also thought was a great game. Plus Red Dead Redemption isnt out for PC which I thought was a very bad move. There are alot of mad pc gamers over it.

Originally Posted by Thrik View Post
Yeah I was just going to mention Red Dead Redemption. It came out like two months ago and is pretty much heralded as the best wild west game there's ever been, pretty much hitting perfection on every level.

Clearly these claims are going to be exaggerated but nonetheless I think it's probably a pretty sweet game. I've been waiting for a good wild west game pretty much since Outlaws so I'll be picking it up soon.
I wouldnt call it perfect. It is nice but no game is perfect. I thought that many games were perfect then something better came along and I think that somthing needs to be a sequal and of outlaws.

Originally Posted by Gabez View Post
What I liked about Outlaws was:

* The cartoony style (amazing for an FPS, and still unusual)
* The use of sound (as you walked through the town your enemies would taunt you, and you could follow their voices, though that can be misleading. The soundtrack is also one of the best of LucasArts)
* The fact that it had a strong LucasArts storyline and a few puzzles despite being an FPS.

I was so used to Quake at the time that Outlaws was very refreshing.
* The cartoony style (amazing for an FPS, and still unusual)
* The fact that it had a strong LucasArts storyline and a few puzzles despite being an FPS.

Is what lucasarts does best and is somthing that I think only they can pull off. I think that what makes it different than other games was the puzzles. Its not just pointless shooting and killing. And it reminds me of Full Throttle. Although it wasnt a FPS it too was kind of unusual and Its one of my favorites. All the other games are so seriouse. I think there needs to be a more unusual release that everyone can play. Outlaws was a pretty agressive for the time but it doesnt have to be another Gears of War.  72528
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