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Xavier stabbed one of the mechs in the chest and then moved the sword up all the way past the head splitting the upper torso in half. He thrusted the sword in his left hand behind him to get the mech he had gotten the jump on beforehand. He landed on a kick on the mech's chest to make sure it stayed down. Nova's sensors detected on of the mechs was attacking with an energy sword. Xavier quickly rolled under the mech and backhand slashed the mech from behind to take the head off. He saw another mech bring down its sword which he caught with his left hand. With his right hand free he stabbed the mech in the chest. Xavier pulled the sword out and saluted the mech with his left hand before taking its head off as well.

Xavier looked back to for a few seconds to make sure Katsu was still okay. Even though Katsu didn't seem to trust any of them, he would still feel guilty if he had intentionally left him here to die. Xavier got ready to charge the last battle suit when he watched Zhao take him down.

"I couldn't let you have all the fun, could I, Psycho?"

"Its about time you showed up, I was worried my badassery had scared you."

Xavier turned back around to support Katsu now that the fighting was done.

"We took care of the lackies Vega, now show this coward who he's messing with."
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