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"We took care of the lackies Vega, now show this coward who he's messing with."

"You're home free guys, come on Katsu, show Torv who's boss",

Katsu's battle suit was lifted up and then slammed into the ground before Torv lifted it up again.

"Whats the matter Katsu? Can't you even fight back?!" Torv continued laughing.

"What happened to you Torv? It's like you've gone insane!" Katsu shouted as warning lights flashed on and then off randomly.

Torv's laughing died down as he pondered Katsu's question. "I think I was always insane Katsu. I don't think anyone was able to recognize the signs though. You should have seen the way they died from where I was standing...It was amazin-"

Torv was cut off as both of Katsu's fists slammed directly into the front of Torv's battle suit and sent it flying backward. Katsu then followed up the attack with a slice from his energy sword that cut through the legs of Torv's battle suit.

"One last question." He growled. "Why was everyone acting so strange in the days before you killed everyone?"

"Because they thought that you knew about the alliance Katsu! Funny huh?" Torv began laughing again even as Katsu ran at him and sliced the battle suit across the chest with his energy sword and watched as small fires started all over the enemy battle suit.

"Good bye Torv. I'm glad we were able to clear this all up." Katsu snarled as he launched one of his missles which hit Torv's battle suit directly in the chest and then exploded. Torv's battle suit was blown backward by the force of the explosion and landed in a heap a few feet away.

Katsu took a deep breath and let it out slowly. He had expected to feel better after confronting Torv but instead...he felt guilty.
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