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Haruka witnessed as Katsu tore apart Torv's battlesuit, finally coming to terms with the past. But as she looked into her live feed, she could see Katsu's expression was not that of comfort, it wasn't anything near that. She figured the only thing she could do was talk to her teammate and support him.

"Katsu, it's finally resolved. You both chose your paths, he chose his fate. Only you can decide to move on", Haruka said as she started to hear comm chatter from the MDN.

"Gound team, operation successful, prepare for extraction. Recovery teams are on route to your position", a man said over the radio.

"Copy that, moving to extraction point", Haruka said. "Come on guys. It's time to go".

Haruka moved over to a larger part of the desert and looked up as the massive ship began releasing the grappling hooks for them to attach to their battle suits.

"Phyxious ready for extraction", Haruka said into her comm as she was pulled up to the ship.

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