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Faren Mageslayer simply had to laugh out loud. "The fool!" he guffawed, turning towards his supporters, whether noble or of low estate. "He thinks that I had something to do with our stalwart Kyng falling ill! Of course, if this was true, don't you think Varhad would be denouncing me with a thousand delirious curses upon his deathbed instead of promoting me to his lieutenant? Not even the most grave of fevers can addle someone's wits that much. He is febrile, not poisoned or languishing under some mage's evil spell. That is fact, not fiction! I suppose Ser Jaymes can content himself with his ludicrous fantasies all he wants while he's in exile. That would save him from the nightmare of living with his simplemindedness!" The nobles roared with laughter, and the common folk snickered. Only the Kyng's servants, passing by, looked even a tad bit worried. They glanced at him with lowered eyes.

"Well! There's no use standing about lollygagging. As Kyng Varhad's chosen Lieutenant, the very first actions I take will be against these rogue mages. They are wreaking havoc in the land of Nirriven, and dividing it when it should be united! Thus, my first decree is that all who practice magicks other than the Healing arts--that is to say, all Elementalists and Inceptors--shall be slain in the act of practicing their wicked talents, or, if they cannot be caught in the act, these suspected mages are to be apprehended and brought here for trial. If found guilty, they shall be chained to the stake and burned forthwith."

"Hear, hear!" cried the nobles, and the common people knelt in thanks to their Creator. Many had suffered under the effects of these rogue mages' deeds.

"Who shall become the first Knights Opaque, and reveal these sorcerers for whom they really are? May you be as strong as stone, and just as unyielding!"

Almost all of the noblemen, and even a few noblewomen, volunteered.

"Then go out and hunt on the morrow! Do not return to this place until ye have soiled your blades with at least one transgressor's blood, or until ye have brought back at least one suspected mage clapped in irons!"

The Knights Opaque, newly-dubbed, saluted and departed from the Court.
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