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Originally Posted by newbiemodder View Post
OK, I think I figured out what I need to do. I need to edit the each individual gff file appearance 'tokens' for the utc's and utp's in order to get them to show right. My question, can the destination for the gff editor using the tslpatcher be the new .mod folder or should I put them to override. What is the order in which they are installed? Does the gff editor do the changes before the mod files are installed thereby being useless or after the files are installed to the respective folders?
Files that are just moved to a location (like .mod, .erf, .rim etc) will be done first before any of the files that should be modified are touched. This is done so modified files can be inserted into archive files. IIRC the patcher processes things in this order:
  1. TLKList - new entries that need to be inserted into the dialog.tlk file. If the patcher finds an existing entry that exactly matches a new one it'll use that one instead of creating a duplicate.
  2. InstallList - files that are just copied to the game folder (or sub-folders) as they are. This shouldn't contain any other files that gets directly modified by the sections below; only files that does not need to be modified, or custom archive files (ERF, MOD, RIM) that will get modified files inserted into them by the sections below.
  3. 2DAList - 2DA files that need to be changed are processed next. This allows storing relevant line numbers and such in memory tokens so they can be inserted into other file types (usually GFF files) as needed. Individual 2DA files are processed in the order they are listed, which is important when 2DA files refer to lines in other 2DA files. The 2DA files to edit are first taken from the existing files in the game folder, and if not present it uses files from the TSLPatchData folder that gets copied to the proper location. As such 2DA files listed here shouldn't be on the InstallList (above).
  4. GFFList - GFF type files are updated and installed next.
  5. HackList - file byte hacks gets done next.
  6. CompileList - Scripts that needs token substitutions made before being compiled and inserted into the correct location.
  7. SSFList - Soundsets that needs the proper TLK table references updated.

With reservations for a hazy memory. I haven't touched this thing in over 3 years so I might not remember everything correctly.

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