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City of Stormrise, Hall of the Blue Knights

Ser Jaymes heard enough of Faren's plan on the way out. If Kyng Varhad were in any condition to lead, this would never have happened, and this was exactly what the Blue Knights stood against.

"Knights, Faren Mageslayer intends to kill every Elementalist and Inceptor in Nirriven with his newly formed Knights Opaque. What he does not understand is that Elementalists and Inceptors are not inherently evil, just as Healers are not inherently good! If we do not oppose the Knights Opaque, many good people will die. This will be considered an act of rebellion, I cannot order you to commit treason, and I will understand if any of you refuse." Ser Jaymes told the other Knights.

Ser Alistair stepped forward. "Ser Jaymes, I believe I speak for everyone here when I say, we stand with you against Faren and his Knights Opaque."

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