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Jenna introduced herself to the warrior, "I am but the Elven mage Jenna Talravin. Th magick you refer to, I'd rather not say except it is an old way." Jenna shifted on her feet to adjust to the weight of the sword on her back and reasserted by planting her staff in the ground. She looked at the warrior intently particularly at the mark but was interrupted by a visitor.

Reflexively she moved her hand to be in a position to maneuver her staff but relaxed when she realized that the warrior meant no harm. Upon hearing both their names, Jenna repled, "Honor to ye in meeting ye. I do know my way out of the forest but alas I am on a journey. We travel in the same direction therefore tis reasonable in accompaniment." She had nothing against the half-elven warrior and thought that for a change she would be reasonable against the centuries old distaste for half-breeds.

The journey continued until they stopped to camp. Rada had hunted down hares which Jenna was only too glad to eat with her special bread. At the time, she became aware of a presence lurking in the Veiled Forest. She made no obvious move to reach for the sword that was within grabbing reach nor for the staff. She did not want to alert the presence until it was time to strike. However she was beaten to the punch. Her sword was in her hand and in a position to strike when a familiar sight stepped into the light and said, "Mother?"

Jenna was in shock that she didn't answer right away. Many a time she wondered if the impossible would become possible and it seemed as if the gods were granting it. In response to Rada's question, she swallowed and said, "This warrior is Athra Talravin, the child of my body."

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