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This doesn't seem to be a very happy reunion, if what you say is true, Perdante thought. Perhaps you and your daughter are estranged. If so, I won't pry into your relationship, but I am indeed curious. Instead of voicing her thoughts out loud, however, the warrior simply smiled and nodded her head in acknowledgment--first toward Jenna, and then toward her half-Elven daughter, Athra.

"I am glad to make both of your acquaintances," she said with honest warmth. Despite lying about her name (which she considered a mere fib, rather than a malicious falsehood), Perdante was known as a forthright woman in Nirriven. Her outspokenness and tenacity had earned her quite a bit of recognition (and notoriety!) back when she still frequented the court of Kyng Varhad Poryvym. Now that she did not, however, being an exile and a vanquished Paragon besides, she would continue to call herself Rada unless she were recognized by someone else...or pressed.

"Mage Talravin," continued Perdante, "I would welcome your companionship as well in attempting to find my way out of this forest. Even though the camp I built is as comfortable as it can be under the circumstances, I want to leave."
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