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This could be a beacon of hope or a sign of disaster. Spark Unlimited's previous games have been medicore, shooters with great ideas. They are a studio that is trying to get into the shooter genre by doing something special, they just haven't nailed yet. Now the disaster comes, if they try a cool, but new and risky approach to SWBF3, they might mess up as they did in Turning Point(good game with a lot of problems because of story plot-lines and glitchy enviroments, plus some bad map design because of the new mechanics. Legendary mostly also failed in getting this mechanics to work right. But it was largely better than Turning Point though it was bashed around by critics much more (2.5 by IGN, and 3.5 by Gamespot). Personally, I think that, if they are even making our beloved game, we have a 75%-25% in good-bad ratio. They have made two game with special mechanics that they have want to implement to spice up the gaming experience, but they have yet to perfect those mechanics. From these two games, I'd say they like using those mechanics, so they will most likely put them into the next game they make as well. Now we hope A. That someone is developing it. B. If it is Spark, hope they have their gameplay mechanics right this time.

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