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"I cannot speak for the rest of my new comrades," replied Perdante, turning her head toward them slightly, "but I myself am searching for refuge with either the Elves in their capital city, or the Dwarven folk within theirs. I hate to use the word mercenary, but that is what I am at the moment. As a pair of blades for hire, I will serve whomever gives me shelter, just treatment, and fair wages. That is all I ask. I could choose to spend the rest of my days here in this darkly beautiful Veiled Forest, but alas! Hunting is not the greatest of my talents, and I would rather not have to spend my life struggling to survive. I prefer to fight for a cause, and a battlemaster. Thus, I seek a new one." She smiled at the Umbral. "Would you care to help me look?"


"So we're out hunting mages now," announced Ser Dathrace, the newly-dubbed Commander of the Knights Opaque and Faren Mageslayer's favorite noble. "Good. I was hoping that our new patron would send us on such a mission." He squared his shoulders, which were clad in heavy plate armor.

"Remember--we're only supposed to capture the Elementalists and Inceptors," cautioned Anithrelle, his lovely, dark-haired lieutenant. "Rogue sorcerers."

"HEALERS GOOD! THOSE OTHERS BAD!" added Ser Hanric cheerfully, a veteran of many barroom brawls who had been recruited by Faren Mageslayer five years ago as a Brute Errant, or a fighter who administered punishment to those soldiers of the Kyng who were either weak or disobeying direct orders. Normally, Kyng Varhad Poryvym would have abhorred such a position in his military, but with such chaos in the land, someone had to administer brutal and efficient order to keep dicey situations from getting out of hand.

"Right on, Ser Hanric!" Ser Dathrace smiled. He knew that the Brute Errant might not have had much in the way of brains, but in the way of brawn, he was second only to Faren Mageslayer himself! Thus, he was indispensable.

Ser Hanric suddenly pointed into the distance. "MAGE!" he cried.

Ser Dathrace shook his head. "No, that's not a mage. That's a beggar man."

"OOPS. Sorry." Ser Hanric shook his head and stared down at his feet.

"No matter; all is forgiven. Come, Knights Opaque! Let's go catch us some real mages!"

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