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Originally Posted by Korr800 View Post
The series is dotted with clues along each game. Obviously the developers intended to have an ending as soon as Revan's character was completed in Kotor 1. First of all, you can read in the adjacent thread that HK-47 was programmed to shut down after his master, Revan, was killed. However, in TSL you find him deactivated on the Ebon Hawk. This insinuates that he was falsely alerted of Revan's death, or since he was only patially shut down, Revan may be in cryostasis in the Unknown Regions.
A theory with some growing popularity among die-hard Revan fans currently.
Unfortunately this is speculation as nothing solid backs this up.

Next, I have heard a lot of complaints about the empty, incomplete Kotor 2. Has anybody considered they may have INTENTIONALLY left it incomplete? Maybe Kotor 3 will fill in the holes of TSL.
It's possible, however, unlikely LA cut off production early to keep from revealing too much. LA has been on a trend for milking the money cow for some time now, and has admitted as much in their rush to get TSL out by christmas 2004. More likely they were trying to bolster sales for ROTS in 2005. I know this is cynical, but that's the most likely explanation. Also, have you even played TSL? The game is obviously incomplete due to rushed production.

I am also thinking that Ludo Kresh's tomb in TSL,the one where you fight a Revan vision, was showing a vision of a meeting between Revan\Exile.
That's debatable whether it was in the past or in the future. Until there's confirmation it is merely speculation.

Bastila programmed T3-M4 to return on the Ebon Hawk to find her if any thing went wrong with Revan. Seeing as this occurs in TSL, it suggests that Revan was captured, killed, etc by True Sith. This gap, full of contradicting clues, will surely set the stage for Kotor 3, when it is released. I said when, not if.
That unfortunately still remains to be seen, how ever the clues may be arrayed.

That's right, Bixby Snyder folks.
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