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The Eastern Plains

Ser Erina approached Ser Jaymes and his party, camped out at an old stone structure of some sort. It might have been a watchtower, a fort, or even an estate, but what it once was didn't really matter. It was as good a place as any to serve as a secondary base of operations for the Blue Knights, since it was likely Faren would have their Hall raided in due time.

"Commander, we've spotted the Knights Opaque. They've begun their hunt." She explained. "Did you recognise any of them?" Ser Jaymes then asked. "Ser Dathrace, Ser Anithrelle, and Ser Hanric." Ser Erina elaborated. How typical of Faren to employ a Brute Errant, and particularly stupid one at that Ser Jaymes thought. He had dealt with each of them in the past, none of them being particularly fond memories, except for the time he bested Ser Hanric in a duel, proving to Kyng Varhad that clear headedness in combat easily trumps battle frenzy.

"Have they caught the trail of any Mages?" Ser Jaymes then asked. "I don't think so. The closest they've come so far was Ser Hanric mistaking a beggar for a mage, or possibly Ser Dathrace just dismissing a mage as a beggar." Ser Erina replied. "And they didn't spot you?" Ser Jaymes inquired. "No, they were too preoccupied, and I made sure to keep out of their view."

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