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"Perhaps we should part ways, then," Perdante replied. "You do I put this delicately?...I am not welcome among my Human brothers and sisters in the Eastern Plains, as I once was. Upon pain of death, and by the order of Kyng Varhad Poryvym himself, I have been exiled, never to return. If I even cross the borders of the Eastern Plains, I will be a wolf's head--a wanted criminal! The loss of my home and my comrades has been painful enough, and I do not wish to lose anything further, including my own life. Thus, I seek asylum in the West. I do wish to thank you once more, however, before we separate."

She turned to Jenna, extending her leather-gloved hand for the mage to shake.


"So, when will we see any mages? Huh?" Ser Hanric was getting tired.

"Be patient, you lout! Inceptors and Elementalists are tricky folk. Some of them can even turn themselves invisible and ambush us, so shut your mouth!"

"That goes for you, too," Ser Anithrelle pointed out to Ser Dathrace.

"All right, all right! Let's be silent. As soon as one of us spots one of those sorcerers practicing their wicked art, we will charge. Until then, hush!"

Still, Ser Hanric thought they could march all night without finding any prey...
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