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"Magical enchantment of objects or even evil spirits taking possession of an object is not uncommon. The Axe you speak of must have some kind of force inhabiting it. The Mage must know more about this, but I only heard stories of it in elven villages", Alaire said. The village she spoke of was the one that she used to live in and slaughtered everyone so she could absorb their souls to fuel her might.

Larissa was looking intently at the Umbral, she wasn't scared of him nor aggressive towards him but she was as always prepared to jump at the first sign of aggression. Alaire simply petted Larissa to make sure she eased up.

"But this Faren Mageslayer intrigues me, I had heard of him before, although I never really met him when I was in the army. But then again, everyone kinda shunned us reavers", Alaire said.

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