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Fusion sounds great for a notebook PC or other similar form factor, so long as it can play 1080p video without too much difficulty. I'm not seeing how Fusion will replace discrete graphics solutions though, at least not in the short term.

Saw this bit of news today and it brought a grim smile to my face.

CNBC: Nvidia Lowers Sales Outlook; Shares Fall
Wedbush Securities analyst Patrick Wang said Nvidia's problems are specific to the graphics chip business and its product lines. He said demand has been weak for Nvidia's new Fermi product.


Nvidia said cost increases led to a greater-than-expected shift to lower-priced graphics chips, and personal computers running lower-end integrated graphics.
So it appears that NVIDIA's Fermi project hasn't done so well thus far (ya think?) and makes me wonder if NVIDIA will ever try implementing a new architecture on a new manufacturing process again.

Also mentioned in the CNBC article, the International Trade Commission has ruled against NVIDIA and other companies in their patent dispute with Rambus. The ITC issued an order barring the importation of any chip made with the disputed technology. I'm not sure if that means NVIDIA graphics chips can no longer be shipped into the U.S.A. but that would be really bad news for NVIDIA if that were the case.

In the final bit of NVIDIA news, Fudzilla reports that NVIDIA plans on shipping a GF104 with all 384 SP's enabled as a replacement for the GTX 470 as soon as the GTX 470 sells out of its current inventory. I know Astro doesn't care much for Fudzilla reports but this is what I'm waiting for. My only fear now is that it will be priced higher than what I want to pay, considering how the GTX 470 is already priced well above my USD$250 price point.

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