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Chiron couldn't help but go silent as the events unfolded around him. First was this human solid who use to be a powerful paragon. Then Jenna revealed she was going to challenge a dwarf named Faren Mageslayer who thought that the title of Kyng should go to him after the other one dies. His excitement changed to confusion at the mentioning of the name Ser James Caran.

He scratched his hooded head with one of his fingers as he tried to remember how he knew that name. He recalled this James Caran being a human solid but he couldn't remember why he knew that. Chiron simply shrugged and went back to listening to the conversation. He couldn't help but feel like he was being watched and looked to see the furry creature staring at him. He stared back at the creature and was amazed how the half elf was able to calm it. When he had the chance he would ask this half elf her name and what exactly her furry companion was.

The half elf mentioning she was a reaver was all he could take. Chiron nearly jumped for joy at all this exciting new information. He tried to calm himself down but he couldn't contain himself.

"A reaver, we have a reaver with us! Oh this is absolutely marvelous. You must tell me more about your abilities when we get the time to do so," He said joyfully to the half elf. "I apologize for my outburst, its just I've been overwhelmed with all this information. I would be more than glad to assist either of you if you wish," Chiron said to both Jenna and Perdante.
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