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Originally Posted by Char Ell View Post
So it appears that NVIDIA's Fermi project hasn't done so well thus far (ya think?) and makes me wonder if NVIDIA will ever try implementing a new architecture on a new manufacturing process again.
lolz, does that mean AMD are the perceived 'winners' of this perennial pi$$ing contest, even though they have also lost a megawad of money for the last few quarters(and then some)??

Fermi hasn't been a compelling product for various reasons. Heat/power draw/performance. I definitely haven't felt the need to upgrade from my 295. I'll see what the 28nm kit turns out like next year.

I think a lot has to be said for the effect of the console market too, the new variants of the PS3 and Xbox360 have sold bucketloads. Heck even *I* have a 360 now. Considering titles like RDR or FFXIII don't make it to PC, or titles that do make it get their late+DRM(like AC2), I'm sure I'm not the only 'pc gamer/enthusiast' type that has jumped into consoles this year.


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