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((Sorry, time for another Faren Mageslayer scene...))


"Come now, Palach. Be reasonable. You can't be asking me to do that..."

Faren blinked his eyes and shook his head. He was talking to an axe, of all the blasted-fool things! An inanimate object. Nevertheless, this inanimate object was not as lifeless as it seemed. The dread spirit of Kyng Varhad's father's executioner was imbued into Faren's weapon, and it wanted revenge against the Kyng's son. Palach, the brutal headsman who had taken the life of Kyng Lanhareid, had been found out and put to death by Varhad as his first order of business as heir to the throne. It was Palach the Headsman who had formed the conspiracy against Varhad's father, and the poor fool, now lying on his own deathbed, had believed the spirit of his father's betrayer had been put to rest. However, Palach had made a pact with a certain young Dwarf berserker. It was restless, yearning for the taste of royal blood. If it could not have Varhad, then it wanted either Faren or that other one, along with all of the souls who opposed Faren and supported the dying Kyng.

I am. I have made you strong, Faren Mageslayer. You were first-round Duel fodder when I first met you, a weakling stained with cowardice and reeking of sweat and dirty underclothes! As soon as you found me, a discarded weapon among those that were going to be sent to the forge and molten down, I spoke to you. I promised you matchless power, and gave it to you. Do you think you can change the rules of the game, right in the middle? I think not. We've made a bargain, and unless you fulfill it, Dwarf, you will perish.

"But to lose so much! To feast not upon meat and ale, but souls..."

That is what I've wanted all along. That is what I've always wanted. The more people that you slay through me--the more people I SLAY--the more powerful I grow. With enough power drawn from the life-essences of those who were weak enough to fall before me, I shall have enough strength to fully and completely inhabit a new body--yours. It is time to enter the second phase of our pact. You shall become a Reaver, and feast upon those you conquer. Thus, you shall transfer their life-force to me, and I, Palach, will rise from the dead through your stump-like Dwarven form!"

"This is sickening." Faren shook his head again. "I won't do it, you scum."

Palach suddenly whirled and sunk itself deep into Faren's chest. He roared.

"I yield! I yield, Undying Headsman! Heal this wound, and I shall reave!"

A jolt of electricity cauterized Faren's gash, and Palach inhabited his flesh as well as the axe Faren wielded. From weapon to guts, the Headsman's power flowed. Both were stronger, yet weaker. No matter. Faren would feast very soon upon powerful mages...
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