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I'm currently editing "The Secret of Monkey Island". If it turns out the way I want it, you could select between MT-32, General MIDI and CD audio in one version. (Not sure about Adlib yet).

I also found and fixed several bugs of the original game as well as those introduced in the enhanced CD. This includes such obvious ones as the storekeeper closed the door AFTER he walks to the counter, cosmetic ones such as correct location of "Rum. Jam." subtitles and some highlight colors using the floppy colors instead of matching the new MI2 interface, messed up jokes like the "Still ten o'clock"-joke, aligned the upside down text at the circus, and more.

I've altered many scripts to be talkie friendly, so this can be ultimately used for the CD Talkie Edition Project.
CD audio will only work with ScummVM though, since native SCUMM doesn't support it with the talkie enhanced EXE.

No upload yet, since I want to get things working first, and then I'm going to work on a patching tool, which can be freely distributed. Currently, I did quite a few things, which the available tools can't automate yet. This includes creating a true monster.sou with 22 kHz, 8 bit throughout, some samples I lowered in volume, like the "pssst." in Melee town. And while some samples are premixed like "Grog. Grog. Grog.", others like "Rum. Jam." are not, so I had to do it in a sample editor.

If someone wants to help, two things of the FATE.EXE bother me, so anyone experienced in EXE hacking, the following would be very nice:
Edit: You should use the latest executable from here (which I hope it is): (which can be unpacked with 7zip)

- Increase the music volume. The music plays significantly softer then in non-talkie versions of V5 SCUMM (ie. MONKEY.EXE, MONKEY2.EXE, non-talkie ATLANTIS.EXE), probably because the voice acting was recorded that soft in "Fate of Atlantis". Currently, I have to turn my MT-32 about 26 dB louder then my soundcard output to get a sensible volume match which is pretty extreme (testing in DOSbox).

- On the command line, using 'g' instead of 'r' for using GMIDI.IMS, which replaces the redundant ROLAND.IMS.

- And the ultimate bonus, if you could re-add CD audio support to FATE.EXE. Command line boot parameters has to be enabled for this too, since I use it to tell the game to use CD audio instead of MIDI. Debug mode is not needed fir this, since unlike the other boot parameters, I do the check outside the debug code block.
Originally Posted by abhakam View Post
Thanks guys.
But kinda disappointed that the game get stuck in the very last chapter
the part where lechuck says "what... i.. um..."
I noticed this too. There are more problems like this, which was caused due to buggy descumm output. My dialog line splitter worked on those buggy scripts and scummbler compiled the missleading blocks in a way that some code is never executed. I can fix those problems too, by manually fixing the decompiled scripts. I filed a bug report at ScummVM, but somehow I doubt that they will fix it anytime soon, since it is not critical for the ScummVM project.

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