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Originally Posted by Astrotoy7 View Post
I think a lot has to be said for the effect of the console market too, the new variants of the PS3 and Xbox360 have sold bucketloads. Heck even *I* have a 360 now. Considering titles like RDR or FFXIII don't make it to PC, or titles that do make it get their late+DRM(like AC2), I'm sure I'm not the only 'pc gamer/enthusiast' type that has jumped into consoles this year.

Perhaps. I bought a PS3 Slim shortly after they were announced. I have yet to actually play a game on it though. In fact I remember when I took my PS3 to the counter to buy it the clerk asked me what games I was going to get with it. I was like, "Oh. Yeah. I need to get a game with this too." So I ended up buying Pure but thus far I've only used my PS3 for folding proteins and playing Blu-Ray movies.

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