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Alvaro went ahead and lit a long, makeshift fuse that led to the powder stores. He quickly went above deck and warned everyone.

"I've lit a fuse that will explode this ship! Get to safety!" Alvaro quickly jumped on to his ship, waited for Blaze, Nathaniel, Clarke and the others to get on, and quickly made his ship set sail away from the sloop. After they were a fair distace away, Alvaro turned around to see where the other two sloops were.

"Now, if I set the fuse right, the ship should!" Sure enough, the two British sloops that were still sailing were caught in the proceeding explosion. Given, the explosions did totally destroy the ships, but they were sinking fast with the huge holes in their hulls.

"We should probably try and find that privateer with the gem," Alvaro said, trying to focus on his current goal. "His crew is pretty strong, and seeing how I was able to damage his ship before, we should probably hit it before it gets repaired."

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