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Originally Posted by abhakam View Post
Although the game has some issues, like some line has no voices or line said by wrong characters..
I'm just about to fix as many as possible. Wrong voices shouldn't be there in the final patch. Some missing lines are unavoidable, due to sloppy work with the SE to begin with. This includes one swordmaster instult, and some of Stan's price ideas.
I restricted lines with variables in it to those which actually have a matching voice file and use the placeholder lines otherwise, like "I have enough money for anything I need to buy." and "I have enough money for anything I need to buy, except a ship.". Yeah, I did implement a check, so the latter is used when the three trials are done AND you didn't got a ship yet.
Some further lines which don't have an exact match can use a close enough approximation. For instance, the swordmaster says "OK, you win.", but the voice file says "I give up, you win.".
And similar to the FM-Towns version, I include some more sounds.
I also replace most of the very low quality ingame sounds with those of the SE. Native SCUMM V5 plays 22kHz, 8bit, mono just fine. (MONKEY.001 increases to about 6.7MB)
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