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I can't understand the mentality of 'oh the one with lots of exploration and side-quests and interaction was RPG of the year in a lot of places and did very well, but now we need to change as much as possible.'
All other concerns aside, I do find it slightly humorous that Electronic Arts generally is vilified as a company that just churns out "more of the same" every year to milk their franchises for all they are worth. And now that Bioware (who are EA) decides to change things in ÐA2 and not just release more of the same people are up in arms about that instead. You really can't win as a game developer it seems.

Originally Posted by DarthParametric View Post
By "streamlining" it they can appeal to the mass market and make bigger sales. ME2 is their model (pretty much literally, in the case of the dialogue system). Now some may say that's not a bad thing and that they enjoyed ME2 more than ME1. For myself, I found ME2 lacking in many areas compared to ME1 (most notably the almost complete gutting of certain RPG elements) and am not overly thrilled with the prospect of DA undergoing a similar transition.
From a marketing standpoint it certainly makes sense. The CRPG crowd who found Ðragon Age enjoyable are all pretty much hooked ÐA2 customers already. No matter how many post angry forum rants about them never going to buy it due to the announced changes the vast majority of them will cave in and get the game anyway when it's released. So if you want to increase the size of the customer base you need to branch out to appeal to those who aren't already going to buy it anyway.

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