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@ Ping: Then consider what I am about to say as to HOW Revan could have wreaked havoc. Remember, war doesn't need to have weapons just to be a war.

Originally Posted by Zerimar Nyliram View Post
Interesting theory, but the problem is that Malgus and all of those warriors are Sith. It has been confirmed that Revan left known space as a Jedi Knight, so his followers should also be warriors of the light. Also, I refuse to believe that he wore the Sith costume after the light side ending. It was a symbol of his identity as the Dark Lord of the Sith, and it just doesn't sit right with a redeemed Revan.
Then you're not completely getting what I'm getting at.

I can accept my dear Revan died, (as I did my dear Exile whom I think I liked even more than Revan). However, my implication is that Revan didn't just charge in like an idiot, or at least like Malak. I think he tried to be cerebral about it: sewing the seeds of complacency, doubt, mistrust, or at the least skepticism within the enemy. Anything that may cause them and their unity to fall apart. To pit them against each other. The best way to do that is to blend in for a time, I would think.

Sure Revan probably might have had one last charge of going out in glory, but this would have been a ruse to cover the greater plan of his that had yet to manifest itself--such a thing would have taken lifetimes to come to fruition. However the intrigues Revan would have engaged in would have had effects that far outlived him. Effects that would eventually weaken and erode the Sith empire, in subtle and slowly creeping ways.

The knowing emperor may have foreseen this, but even with all of his power and insight he would not be able to completely stop such intrigues as they are hinged upon the individual. All he could do is roll with it and try his best to twist it to his will if he could not purge it; Convince them his vision was what Revan wanted, only Revan did not realize it because the Jedi turned him back to the light. Get them to side ultimately with him, even if they think they are following Revan's rebellious teachings. Something like that.

For example the symbolism of HIS warriors having a similar mask to Revan would have some powerful psychological effects to Sith who were Revan sympathizers, as well as towards the republic when the day finally came to invade it. As we saw with Dustil, the Sith are no fools, nor strangers to keeping their prospective followers in the dark about certain things. Especially that which would weaken their loyalty and resolve to the Sith as a whole.

Now, Malgus may have no connection to Revan whatsoever, however, the fact that he shows compassion and consideration to his twilek slave lady is at least a hint to holes in their philosophy. You have to recall that these sith weren't as refined as sith in the future (namely Darth Bane and the rule of two). Besides, how many other Sith lords show the same? Probably not many, if any at all.

The only other things I have in my corner that Revan did something more are:

A> From Darth Bane's perspective looking back in the novel Path of Destruction, Bane had admiration for Revan, even though he knew Revan had turned back to the light.


I don't want to spoil the Bane novels, but
Show spoiler


C> Drew Karpyshyn wrote the Bane series, AND he is working on the storyline of TOR.

D> Given:
1) the soft spot L.A. has for Vader, and Malgus being more than a little coincidentally similar to Vader,
2) Malgus' obvious personality differences from the rest of the Sith havign been pointed out (it's all we have on him besides the trilers)

E> Unless you can point to somewhere else (besides "**** just happens") that Malgus might get the inspiration for his thinking skepticism in his support for the Sith, then out with it. Because there's not much other source it could have come from off in some isolated region of the Galaxy. None I can think of at any rate.

That's right, Bixby Snyder folks.
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