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Morning dawned clear and cold in the Veiled Forest. Perdante arose early to bathe in a nearby pond, which was not the same reservoir of the water she drank. After scrubbing herself vigorously with sand and soapweed that could be plucked from the pond's banks, she dressed anew in her leather armor and waited for the others to awaken. Last night's campfire was now a white pile of ashes. She smiled. Perhaps this is a good omen as our revolt begins...









"I'm present, Ser Mageslayer."

"Good. You are the Four, servants of our noble Kyng Varhad Poryvym himself, and I am his lieutenant. Through obeying my commands, you obey your lord and master in this mortal realm. You know your task: locate and apprehend any and all Inceptors and Elementalists. They practice wicked forms of magick, and I would prefer it if you captured them alive. However, if these rogue mages turn their arts against you, you have every right to defend yourself." Faren raised a scornful eyebrow. "Do you know your roles?"

"Prime warrior," replied Korol'.

"Lieutenant," added Alfil.

"Healer," Dama said. She was a mage who despised her "sinful" counterparts.

"Distraction." Lad'ya, being a roguish bard, smiled with a twinkle in her eye.

"Excellent. Go forth and succeed. It is the only way any of you shall live."

The Four saluted the Mageslayer and then ventured into the Eastern Plains.
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