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((Whew I go away for a week end and am left behind lol))

Jenna looked at Perdante with an inquisitive eye. She was right in supposing that this warrior could become stronger. She could deduce that she had a good mind but to learn Inception was another matter. Right now there was too much anger. She replied, "What you wish to learn requires time and practice in the basics. I can teach you Elementals, how to move and think with them. We have a long journey ahead and time enough. Will you accept?" She held her hand out towarsd Perdante.

Jenna also managed to give a look to Athra that said, I will teach you too but only if you are willing. It was her way of apologizing to her daughter for leaving her. Out loud she said, "There may be a chance that we will find a magickal weapon that would be willing to be your partner."

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