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Chiron got up on his feet and cracked his neck. The constant talk of the axe known as Palach was beginning to bore him. He could have spoken up on the matter but he decided against it. He had a solution in his head but he wanted to see if Perdante would be truly worthy of it. He wanted to see exactly what she was capable of before he would think about risking his own life. For the time being he would voice his opinion on Elementalism.

"Oh being an Elementalist is so much fun," he said joyfully while he ignited his right hand with fire. "I can help you teach them Jenna if you'd like," he added in.

He then turned his attention back to Alaire. He still wanted to know more about her, why she became a reaver, and what it feels like to be one. He decided he would save those questions for another time. In the mean time he decided to ask her if she too wanted any training seeing that everyone else was.

"What about you Alaire, would you like to be trained too?"
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